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in the comfort of cats home

Do you also face the problem every time before going on vacation of who to entrust the care of your cat to?

We don't want every vacation of the cat owner to be a stressful experience for their cat, from which she will recover for a long time after the owner returns.

Get your cat a experienced meow-sitter and stop worrying about her during your vacation.

One of our meow-sitters will be taking care of your cat every day at your home during your vacation and will provide her with all the care that cats need. The meow-sitter will feed your cat, change her water, and clean her litter box, and most importantly, spend active time with her playing, grooming, or cuddling, so that your kitty doesn’t feel lonely during your absence.

Our meow-sitters have handled dozens of cats with their own hands, giving them extensive experience with various cat personalities. They know how to approach cats and continue to deepen their knowledge of cat behavior and needs.

Your cat will have all the comfort she needs right at your home.

How does cat-sitting during your vacation work?


We understand that allowing a stranger to access your apartment in your absence can be unsettling.

To minimize your natural concerns, we take several steps: