Cat sitters are experienced, reliable and trained for all situations that may arise during cat sitting (e.g. unexpected health problems in cats). All our sitters have been working with us for a long time.

Praha & Brandýs nad Labem:

kočičí chůva Anna Psíková, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Zrzek, Moris, Karel and labrador Meggie

Hobbies: volleyball, inline skating, dog walks, traveling


kočičí chůva Anna Volavková, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: Prague ratter Narnie, male British cat Kiky and female European cat Kesina

Hobbies: baking, singing, nature walks, traveling and snowboarding


kočičí chůva Eva Mrkvanová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cat siblings Albert and Matylda

Záliby: hiking, motorcycling, shooting range

“Cats have their own head, their own logic, each one of them is a personality that won’t let anyone dictate what to do and when, and I like this uncontrollable trait in them the most. They simply won’t be talked into anything.” 

kočičí chůva Hanka Indráková, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Pinďa, Bruno, Seth, Majkí a Prďolka

Hobbies: Reading books, listening to music, walks in nature, working for the animal shelter Svoboda zvířat Plzeň

“I have never met a more sincere animal. When a cat chooses you, it is pure love.”


kočičí chůva Jana Bauerová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: Mia the cat, Benett the Swiss Shepherd dog

Hobbies: books, movies, walks with her dog, yoga, inline skates, skiing, sunshine and sea

“The strongest professional cat experience was probably taking care of a handicapped Sphynx cat – I have not yet met a bigger cuddler. But all experiences with cats are amazing and enriching.”

kočičí chůva Katarína Rusnáková, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcat Ed

Hobbies: nature, meditation, travel, healthy lifestyle, books

“Cats are fascinating animals to me that I love and are an important part of my life. I’m always happy when I have the opportunity to meet a cat and explore its nature. You win a cat’s favor by observing, listening, and respecting it.” 


kočičí chůva Klára Borečková, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcats Mrňous and Taby

Hobbies: Movies (horror and true crime), hanging out with friends in cafes

“Cats are amazing creatures from which we have a lot to learn. They have been my guide and friend since I was little. For several years, I volunteered at a cat shelter and I have two furry cat loves at home.”

kočičí chůva Kristýna Kaufmannová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Mikeš and Sára, samoyed, rabbit, parrotss ara and cacadu

Hobbies: sports (softball, volleyball, hockey), horseback riding

“Each cat has its own pace for how quickly it will accept a stranger, my recipe is simple – to respect this pace, to let the cat’s curiosity work, and let the cat make the first move.”

kočičí chůva Leona Kuxová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Bob and Beruška

Hobbies: music, poetry, travelling, reading

“I have always wanted to work with cats because their presence calms me. Cats are highly intelligent and sovereign beings that never cease to fascinate me. My relationship with cats has been and always will be highly positive and friendly.”

kočičí chůva Lucie Směja Musilová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Mou and Moura, rabbit Zajda, hamster Vendelínka and turtle Bob

Hobbies: animals, exotic plants, social media content creation, travelling


kočičí chůva Marianna Závodská, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cat Maya

Hobbies: art, writing, sewing, charity fund Neúnavní

“As a cat sitter, I can beautifully combine my joy with usefulness. My work brings me pleasure from getting to know new cat individuals, new experiences, and knowledge.”

kočičí chůva Simona Kuncová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats Goliáš, Ted, Frank, Nasťa, Amélie, Emily and Michelle

Hobbies: theatre, yoga, travelling, skiing, snowboarding

” I approach each cat individually, trying to understand them to the fullest and spend time with them in a way that is most enjoyable for them, thus making their time without their owner easier.” 

kočičí chůva Zuzana Janiššová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcats Batman and Budy

Hobbies: singing, photography, travelling, nature

Mníšek pod Brdy, Dobříš & Příbram:

kočičí chůva Dominika Marhoul, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcat Kabu, husky Naruto

Hobbies: photography, nature, mental health

” When I was little, I was afraid of cats because they would scratch and bite me without warning. Later I discovered how cats communicate. Cats are confident creatures that can teach us about peace and composure.”

kočičí chůva Eva Hejlová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: cats siblings Venca and Blažena

Hobbies: gardening, hiking, history

kočičí chůva Martina Kuncová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcat Felix

Hobbies: travelling, trekking, volleyball, yoga



kočičí chůva Jana Svobodová, hlídání koček Meow-sitting


Pets: tomcats Leoš and Samuel

Záliby: Self-improvement, entrepreneurship,sport, travelling